About Networny
Networny is the revolutionary Gay Adult Community, dedicated to you!

Networny is the revolutionary Gay XXX Community, created for the users with a close eye on the users privacy.
After so many years in the business of the Adult XXX Contents, we figured out that the "classic" platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and such... are starting making our life complicated when talking about Adult XXX Contents.

That's where our idea began! Let's mix the best features of each one of these socials and mixed them together in Networny!

Networny is a safe space! With our advanced encryption system your data are not shared, analysed, or saved anywhere else, You have the total control on them!

Our project is born from a need of a more safe, functional and developed platform, where everyone can feel free to share what they want, with no censorship or limitations.

The limit of minium age required to partcipate in Networny is 18 years old.